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PiNKBUS is a queer art plataform organized by the artist Martin Talaga and the producer Adriana Spisaková. It is a place where drag performance meets theatre meets performance meets music. "It is an unique place of love, sexual liberty and boundless freedom." 

Inspiring artists inspiring and challenging one another. It is breathtaking. 



In this space, I took my time to experiment and learn with dreaming make-up practices and performance, mostly mixing voice, sound and poetry. Here I will be showing you on the other side of this windown a little bit of it, opening up my most precious data. 

You are welcome. 

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lets begin...

queen Simonella Legionella

queen JustKarenHoney

queen La Cuntessa Garbage

photo by Lena Luga


In the moment I was making this song, collaborating with the sound artist Marnix von Edge, I had the necessity to spit out words, emotional, dramatic words, words that made me scream. Then I realised I just wanted to scream. I wanted to express the intensity that only a scream can touch. Intensity for me is very much related to how connected you are with your deep truth. Being intense is being abundant, screaming is abundant. 

So I invited sparkling people (Carolina Arandia, Egle Sim, Alyssa Dillard, Tereza Silon, Alicia Cubells, Ran Jiao)  to join me on stage, support the poetic, the emotional and scream until we become 1. How marvelous is that?



let's kiss, 

brasilian              kiss

photo by Michal Hancovsky

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Araujo: Arent we cute?  

Venice: Meh, I am horny, give me wine

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Continuing with my process with sound and sensitivity and collaborating with Marnix von Edge, we created together an atmospheric sound wave/song/ritual. It aims through the sensitivity of sounds and movement to unite the parts and processes of outside of the body with the parts and processes of inside of the body.It is willing to touch the parts that we dont even know of or parts that have been forgotten. It is also willing to softly touch you, your eyes and the space involved.  

I invited three performers to make this dream come true. Big thanks to Carolina Arandia, Egle Sim and Alyssa Dyllard. 

A place where the salt and the sugar meet

photo by Magdalena Jana Fiala

photo by Michal Hancovski

photos by Magdalena Jana Fiala

photo by Magdalena Jana Fiala