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queen La Cuntessa Garbage

photo by Lena Luga of @pinkbusplatform
queens Just Karen Honey, Venice and Pedr
o Willing


Life is a cabaret 
& other interventions,
is it?

 Here is a collection of short performance pieces I made for queer cabarets and interventions in mostly parties and exhibitions. J´adore!

For these kind of contexts I take my time to experiment and learn with dreaming make-up practices and performance, mostly mixing voice, sound and theatre tools. My themes are always based on "love, sexual liberty and boundless freedom" ( Lady Gaga) 

So, ladies, non-binaries and gentlemen, scroll sweetly down and you will see a little bit of my most precious data. Are you ready? 

lesbie  begin...


This is a song. In the moment I was making it, collaborating with the sound artist Marnix von Edge, I had the necessity to spit out words, emotional, dramatic words, words that made me scream. Then, I realised I just wanted to scream. I wanted to express the intensity that only a scream can touch. Intensity for me is very much related to how connected you are with your deep truth. Being intense is being abundant, screaming is abundant. 

I invited strident people (Carolina Arandia, Egle Sim, Alyssa Dillard, Tereza Silon, Alicia Cubells, Ran Jiao)  to join me on stage, support the poetic, the emotional and scream until we become 1. How marvelous is that?

****This performance was performed in Pinkbus Platform (CZ), Queeriety Cabaret (CZ), Carnivale Royale- House of Circus Cabaret part of Festival Circolo (NL) and Pinkbus Theatre Awards (CZ). ****



let's kiss, 

brasilian              kiss

photo by Michal Hancovsky

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photo by Magdalena Jana Fiala

thx for tag me  @majficom 13.jpg

photo by Magdalena Jana Fiala

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Continuing with my process with sound and sensitivity and collaborating with Marnix von Edge, we created together an atmospheric sound wave/song/ritual. It aims through the sensitivity of sounds and movement to unite the parts and processes of outside of the body with the parts and processes of inside of the body.It is willing to touch the parts that we dont even know of or parts that have been forgotten. It is also willing to softly touch you, your eyes and the space involved. It is.  

I invited three performers to make this dream come true. Big thanks to Carolina Arandia, Egle Sim and Alyssa Dyllard. It was performed at Pinkbus Platform (CZ) and Queeriosity Cabaret (BE).

A place where the salt and the sugar meet

photo by Michal Hancovski

photos by Magdalena Jana Fiala


Fish out of water

Fish out of water

Fish out of water

Shello Seasters!! Not much I can say about this ...but, are you flirting with me? 

Mermama is thirsty, cumming queerly forward and out of the But of the ocean to... release some love!

In this short performance, I play with the concept of flirting. With a colorful sea mix of rythms, screams and performatic sound waves I bring some mermazing questions to the audience fishy plate: what are your usual moves to approach someone to play? Do you always know when the flirt is happening? Do you like it? When does it stop? Does it ever? hmmm fintastic, juicy and very revealing. Shell we?

****This short performance was made for cabarets (Pinkbus Platform (CZ), Queeriety (CZ), Pride Prague Main stage (CZ) and Carnivale Royale- House of Circus Cabaret (NL) and in form of concert together with the sound designer Marnix von edge at De Nieuwe Vorst (NL) ****

Martin Talaga performer

photos by Jaime Lilley

ABout My Blue Self

onderstroom16sept22-low res-122.jpg

photos by Monday Junior


In this performance, I wanted to show very explicitly my insides. I was feeling my blues from the bottom to the top. 

Talked about butterflies in the stomach, the loved ones and break-ups. Moaning and grieving were the main sound, it was so much that they needed to be amplified. 

***This performance was made for Onderstroom Summer Events (BE)***

Below you will see a version at De Pont Museum (NL) in which I talked about love and art. I went from very small amplifiers to very strong ones, like the crescendos of life. This time, I also pondered about the value of high art and how the visitors and I would position ourselves around it. The untouchable Art, it made me very emotional. Aint shocking what Art can do? 


***This performance was made for the event called Avontour at Depont Museum (NL)***


photos by Seye Cadmus

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