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my gentle wild squirts


As maker+performer: 

26th March 2022:

Moving Futures Festival

Tilburg (NL)

24th April 2022: 

      Savarin Space as part of Playboyz   Festival (CZ)

30th May: 

Volksroom, Brussels (BE)

25th June 2022: 

Radiant Nights Festival

Antwerp (BE)

16th July:

Pinkbus Platform Festival (CZ)

16th November 2022: 

            Zahrada Theatre, Banska Bystrica (SK)

As performer/dancer: 

Dave & Golly 

Creation of TITS performing arts-Nela Kornetová (CZ/NO)- premiere 16th, 17th and 24th February 2023


Creation of Martin Talaga- premiere 6th Nov 2021 (SK/CZ) 

Playboyz Dance Festival 23rd April 2022

                 As teacher: 

Shake it to the ground and bring it back up Workshop

Tea with the World

11th February 2022

supported by Dansbrabant and a          collaboration with Bik van der Pol (NL)


Creation of Martin Talaga - 24th April 2022, Pride Week festival August 2022

May and June 2021 (BE)

supported by the

commune of Etterbeek (BE)

PINKBUS Platform 

June/August/September/October 2021                                   (CZ)

May 2022 at ACAPA, Fontys Academy of Circus and Performing Arts (NL)
June 2021 at Pinkbus Plataform (CZ)
September and October 2021 at ACAPA, Fontys Academy of Circus and Performing Arts (NL)

     As assistant of choreography: 


Assisting for the newest solo piece of Renan Martins (BR/PT), Nov 2021 and January and February 2022

premiering in 4th and 5th February 2022. 


my gentle wild squirts

July at GC De Rinck and De Marketen (BE)

September and October 2021 being supported by

Makerhuis Tilburg (NL)

Dansbrabant (NL) 

Nov 2021 at DeSingel (BE)