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my gentle wild squirts

my gentle wild squirts is a piece in which inhabits spaces between dance, theatre, poetry and performance. It dares to bring out the full potential of the feminine voice and its vulnerability, kink, power and sensitivity. It attempts to exceed the muting stamps put out by society, letting all that has to come out, be out. 



      Inspired by the ideals of Radical Softness, Helena investigates its roots towards her own essence by singing and growling, offering an emotional feast which spills into a transformative and raw performance.

Radical Softness is a term coined by the artist Lora Mathis as a response to the pervasive control of patriarchy on shaming things that are thought to be excessively sensitive, emotional or related to femininity. It carries the conviction that sharing your own feelings and desires unapologetically is actually a political move, and a way to install care in spaces and relationships.

In my gentle wild squirts Helena expresses Radical Softness with finding the empowerment of being hyper dramatic, hyper emotional and hyper sexual. The audience is invited to a strident cave where imagination flows like water. It gets yumi wet in all senses and Helena goes exploring the many voices that come through. She asks for her Goddess support and a little bit of kinkness, Goddess of it all becomes a very dominant figure. All is an attempt to challenge any considered norm of beauty, femininity and harmony and it results in a very visceral exchange with the space, Goddess and everyone around, a gummy reverberation until we touch. 



Performance and choreography: Helena Araújo

Special Participation: Lotta Love/Sophia Rodriguez/Karina Villafan

Sound Designer and producer: Marnix von Edge 

Dramaturg: Ana Rocha

Artistic coach: Lisa Reinheimer

Lights: Wout Hoste

was co-produced by MakershuisTilburg 

Supported by MakershuisTilburg, DeNieuwe Vorst, DeSingel and De Markten 

Special thanks to  Michiel Vandevelde, Anneke van der Linden, Robson Ledesma, Luiza Cascon, Evangelos Biskas, Eleni Ploumi, Elysia McMullen and Nick van der Heyden 




Let`s celebrate this muchness!

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