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the roots are rotten, they are rotten by the crimes they, rich, and middle-class white cis-men too often in power, commit and wash their hands in the blood of innocent people...  They  are destroying everything, promoting the exploitation of wealth, protecting agribusiness, killing those who threaten them and much much more in the menu. Democracy is on the brink of an abyss in Brasil, all the political engagements affirm today the lies of yesterday denying tomorrow the truths of today. The land that carries the name of a tree is being burnt without regrets. RedmyRitual is a duration ritual for grieving and desperatly asking for impeachment. 

#Ele nunca #ForaBolsonaro

RedmyRitual was made in collaboration with Krakers Festival 2020, Oficina Popular and Marnix von Edge.  

It was performed at Krakers Festival and Summersessies Nwe Vorst (NL)

vibrant and smelly. An ideal for a ritualistic iconoclasm, letting all the balls fall one by one in the tropical plastic paradise. 






posters from Oficina Popular (BR)


perfect scenario perfect scenario perfect s 


A cowgirl wearing her fine fake fur jacket in a cowworld spitting her emotions out to the end.

Perfect Scenario is contagious. 

Perfect Scenario is a poetic song, a vibration, a lullaby to the heart until we meet again. 

This performance is a collaboration with the sound artist Marnix von Edge and a part of my on-going research about creating different methods that can empower the expressive, the caring and the emotional. A soft revolution, bringing discomfort to this patriarchal oppressive system, which sees anything that is execevily sensitive as weakness. 

This performance was presented at the Seasoning Summer 2020 at United-Cowboys Space (NL), Pinkbus Plataform (CZ), Queeriety (CZ) and Krepi Festival (SK). 


photo of SummerSeasoning 2020

Still the Cowgirl but now in Green + two cowgirls



perfect Scenario


perfect Scenario


perfect Scenario


photos of Krepi Festival 2020 with Martin Talaga and Kass Vladyka

F from Fabulous Fisherwoman 


F from fabulous

F from  fisherwoman

F from flim-Flam, a trick for you

F from flamable 

F from fast fornication, why not

F from forinsecal, alien they say, I say Fox, I mean look at my wig.

F from Fish 

F from fart 

F from furious

F from forever young in the

F from free dom queen dom we dom 

F from fustian which means pretentious speech

F from fuck that 

F from following this frivoulous future

 and f from Forange, is me a dog. I became your dog in your kitchen asking for your opinion and making your Foreigner Fantasies come true. It was a fake fact, in fact I was a frenzy fisherwoman telling stories about fishes and spitting fake milk everywhere. I dont seem to like fresh frigid places. Yes it is a fun fact I know all these F words. I need a break to breathe. 

Fank you. 

F from Fabulous Fisherwoman is a short performance of about twenty minutes that was part of the performance event DeKaai-2018 (BE).


In this performance I explore the hiatus, this single timeless space of  suspension where happenings are unpredictable and unknown portals open in front of our eyes. I put myself in there, I wait until it happens, it feels almost like a  failure, uncomfortable but beautiful. 

Big thanks to Lucia Sauro for coaching me, to Dekaai team and to DeadPoet production team. 



"Marvelous work, very interesting nuances, not to be missed, highly recommend" by Helena Araújo

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