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A poeticfilm

This movie is a part of my on going research my gentle wild squirts that explores gentleness as a soft reform of this oppressive system. In this project I will be exploring ways that can empower the emotional, the caring and the expressive elements in our lives. Gentleness working for me as one of the welcoming forces that gives us shelter and the opportunity to inhabit our full vulnerability and sensibility, gently connecting us back to our nature. 

A poeticfilm is there to practice radically softening oppressive patterns, to radically tender communication and gently insist on freedom.

photos of De School van Gaasbeek residency

Date: 1st May 

Time: At 20h 

Location: @zoom plataform 

Come with your pijama, candles, incenses, popcorn ! Make yourself cosy and enjoy the ride. 

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